Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mrs. Bushey's Very First Blog!

After searching for pictures of first grade classrooms, I came across Mrs. Dillard's Blog: Oh the Places We'll Go.  I was blown away by how much first grade info I could gain thru one quick glance!  I felt like I had spent the day observing in Mrs. Dillard's classroom (I wish!) :)  This led me to other blogs just as incredible as hers and I WAS HOOKED!  Only a week I am...writing my very first blog post!  So exciting!

I have named this blog Apple Pie Spice because the wonderful ideas shared between educators are the "spice" that creates a great educational system.  Let's face it....the apples and crust just wouldn't be the same without all that yummy sugar and spice!  Okay...gotta stop talking about apple pie when there is none to be eaten in my house right now!  It's leading to a major craving!

My purpose for this blog is to, hopefully, spread some creative ideas while I stalk the blogs of others and gain some new ideas for myself.  I truly believe that by sharing with fellow teachers I will be inspired and motivated to be the very best first grade teacher I can be!  We all have those days when nothing seems to work and you end up huffing and puffing as you lock that classroom door.  It is on those days especially, that I will turn to my new blogging crew and stalk a few inspiring educators' blogs.  This will be the first of many Thank You's that you will see from Mrs. Bushey!  I have another month left of my summer vaction but I am already being kept up at night with classroom ideas running through my head thanks to you! :)

Looking forward to finishing up summer vacation and starting a new school year....all while stalking and BLOGGING!!!

<3- Mrs. Bushey

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