Monday, August 8, 2011

Wait...what was I doing again?

Setting up my classroom is one of my favorite parts of the school year....but I can sometimes feel like a bouncy ball in there.  I start sorting a tub of teacher resource books and end up wiping out the cupboard underneath the sink!?!?  Somehow one thing always leads to another then another until there are half completed jobs still to do the next day.  Oh well...even though my room still looks scary to the custodians who frequently pass by and just shake there heads at my piles, it really has gotten better....I promise!  So here are a few more pics of what I've been up to in Room new classroom!

This sideways bookshelf (woops!) is now filled with my own reading and math supplies and looks a whole lot neater!

I had some little helpers (another first grade teacher's daughters) help with clearing these shelves.  All of these books were left in my classroom by former first grade teachers!  I love books...but holy cow this is a lot of sorting to do.  These books are now all covering my carpet and the shelves are filled with games/toys for indoor recess and free times.

Tomorrow I need to tackle this cabinet full of posters.  Another gift left by former teachers of Room 10.

When I got home (after I stalked my many fav blogs) I drew up a plan for how I will arrange my classroom this year.  I probably won't be able to to move things around until the end of the week when things are sorted a little more....but hopefully it works out as planned!  I just can stand to have my room the same way two years in a row!

Alright....puppy was chewing on the chair in our living room and is now chewing on me!  Time to tire him out and get some rest so more miracles can occur in Room 10 tomorrow! :)

<3 - Mrs. Bushey


Amanda said...

Just found your blog! It's so exciting to get new followers when you are first starting out!

Frolicking Through First

Mrs. Bushey said...

Thanks so much Amanda! I was very excited!