Friday, September 30, 2011

Not so BACK to school...

What a crazy week!  All that work I put into getting my classroom ready in August, got the room ready for back to school but it didn't get me so ready for BACK to school. (Pun intended!)  My back had been bothering me ever since the last week of August and took a terrible turn for the worse this week.  On Monday I woke up and could barely stand or walk.  Long story short...I have been out of work all week and am just barely back to normal today.  Sooo hoping I will be ready for school on Monday.  I don't know about you, but I go a little nuts when I have to stay home from school and prepare lessons for a sub. I just feel like I'm missing everything that's going on.  I used to feel the same way when I was student and had to miss a day of school...I know, I know...a little dorky!  I've never had to do it for an entire week though, so this has just been not soo fun.  Luckily, my school assigned one sub for the entire week and she is a certified teacher.  She went above and beyond the lesson plans I supplied for her and wrote me on fb everyday to let me know how everything was going....LOVE HER!

So while I'm sitting at home just waiting for this back to heal, I figured I'd post a pic of the treats I made for my firsties to go along with our Kissing Hand theme.  I got this Kissing Hand cookie idea from Michelle at Fabulous in First.  My cookies are not quite as adorable as hers, but my kids didn't know that, so they loved them!  Some of them were actually jumping up and down when they came into the room and saw their Kissing Hand treats!  Soooo cute!

My kids were also sooo excited to find out that Mr. Bushey helped make the hearts in the middle of the cookies!  They made sure that the two cookies that were left over after snack time were saved for Mr. Bushey (because he was such a good helper) and my dad (because he is a busdriver for my school). 

On a whole 'nother note...I may be missing school, but I am loving all the extra time I am getting to spend blog stalking now that I can actually sit up!  Getting lots of great apple, pumpkin, and fall ideas for the upcoming weeks.  The leaves up here in New York and Vermont are starting to turn into beautiful fall foliage.  LOOOVE FALL!

<3 - Mrs. Bushey

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