Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Reading Teacher's Plan Book on YouTube

I'm struggling this year with my guided reading groups and how to get my other firsties to rotate through literacy centers while I meet with my leveled groups. So...I started searching the web for some inspiration.  I wasn't finding much to help my reading blues until I came upon The Reading Teacher's Plan Book on YouTube.  This teacher's organized, calm way of moving through her guided reading lessons really got me excited about this part of my day that had been bugging me the first few weeks of school! Here is just one of her many lesson examples:

We are heading into our 5th week of school and after missing the entire 4th week b/c of my "Back to School" back problems, I am going to start our guided reading and literacy centers block from scratch.  The students will still move through the same centers, but I am going to use the next week (or two) to go through each center together to discuss the different activities they will be expected to do at the centers throughout the school year.  (Probably what I should have done from the beginning...woops!  That's why we reflect and change it up when necessary!)  Hopefully, this will allow for my guided reading group time to have a more organized, calm feeling like "The Reading Teacher" on YouTube.

Love when I am inspired by fellow teachers!!!  Thank goodness for blogs and web videos where I can observe these great educators at work from the comfort of my own couch...which is covered in blankets right now b/c it is getting CHILLY here in upstate NY!  Not sure at the moment if I'm using my heating pad to help with the back pain or just warm up in this frosty weather!  Either way....loving it!!!  Happy Fall bloggers!

<3 - Mrs. Bushey


Anonymous said...

I am so happy i found your blog; it is as sweet and adorable as you are...thank you for visiting my blog.


Mrs. Bushey said...

Thanks Jess! I subscribed to yours...loving how down to earth it is. It feels like I'm on the farm with you...even though I'm over on the other side of Eagle Bridge. :)