Wednesday, December 7, 2011

livin on love

Tomorrow is pay day....yay!  Unfortunately....tis the season to be completely broke!  Checks are currently in the mail to pay bills that will pretty much equal most of my not-yet-received pay check.  My 27-year-old husband is turning 28 on Saturday so gifts, dinner, drinks are in the works....not to mention the fact that he's a twin, which means I also have a sister-in-law with a birthday on Saturday as well!  Can't wait, going to be tons of fun celebrating in Saratoga Springs but these things cost money...ya know?  Oh boy...don't remind me that Christmas is in 18 days and not all of my gifts have been purchased. 

While emptying the dishwasher earlier with my birthday boy husband I said "I hate being broke!  But I love being broke with YOU!"  If there were anyone I had to live paycheck to paycheck with it would most definitely be Andrew Bushey.  I could have a husband who panics and stresses and takes it all out on me with a negative attitude about our current (not permenant....we are still young and making our way in this big ol' world) situation, but I don't.  I have a husband who calms me down, smiles, focuses on the moment, cooks dinner, and moves on.  This is exactly what I need....remember that first husband type I described...well unfortunately that persona matches my own much closer than my even-headed husband's.  I am a worrier.  A trait passed down from generation to generation on my mother's side of the family.  It does seem to lessen as the offspring carry it on....maybe my future children have some hope at a rational-minded existence.  But they will always have their worrisome mother there to remind them of all the possibilities in every situation. :)

As my husband and I create a family of our own, there will be hard times ahead financially (especially in the month of December!), but the chance to live out this dream with him is something I would never pass up.  Not for all the money in the world!  I would much rather be "Livin on love!"

Livin on Love
Alan Jackson

Two young people without a thing
Say some vows and spread their wings
Settle down with just what they need
Livin on love

She don't care bout what's in style
She just likes the way he smiles
It takes more than marble and tile
Livin on love

Livin on love, buyin on time
Without somebody nothin aint worth dime
Just like an old fashioned storybook rhyme
Livin on love
It sounds simple, that's what you're thinkin
But love can walk through fire without blinkin
It doesn't take much when you get enough
Livin on love

If you know this song by Alan Jackson, you know that there is another verse about "two old people."  One day, this next verse will be true for me.  Maybe we will have a little more money, but it doesn't matter whether we do or we don't, we'll still be livin on love. <3  That will be enough.

<3- Sarah

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