Friday, December 2, 2011

a little bit of life

When I first began my blog back in July, I had been inspired by so many educational blogs and the ideas that they were filled with.  I had known blogs were out there, but I had never really read anyone's blog until, searching for teaching ideas, I stumbled upon teacher blogs.  Now that I have been blogging (kinda...funny how teaching tends to get in the way of my teacher blog) for about 4 months and I have stumbled upon some blogs that don't relate to teaching, I'm motivated to begin adding some other life happenings into my blog. 

Teaching is an enormous part of my everyday thinking...escpecially b/c I don't yet have any babies of my own.  So it will make an appearance for sure, but with so many other wonderful things happening in this 27-year-old's life, I'm wondering, "Why not?"  Why not share a little more of what Mrs. Bushey is all about?  For example, I loove crafting!  After finding Pinterest and etsy, two crafter's dream sites, I've wanted to craft more than ever.  I just finished my first hooked rug and I'm looking forward to starting to knit my second baby blanket within the next couple weeks.  With my sister being a mommy-to-be, there are sooo many ideas, hopes, and dreams running through this head.  These are things I feel like sharing in my blog each day....soooo...why not?   I became a cat person in my college years, after rescuing a barn kitten that was left behind by her mother and littermates.  I now have two cats, the barn kitten, GrayC, and a chubby gray and white cuddler named Annabelle.  My husband and I got a Golden Retriever puppy this summer and named him Lincoln as a tribute to our first home together which resides on Lincoln Hill Road.  These lovies give me something to write about nearly why not?

GrayC's version of Facebook

Santa Paws brought a cat scratcher covered in catnip for Christmas!

The first time Lincoln ever laid in his crate by choice...we were thrilled!  It broke our hearts to hear his cries at night, but it all turned out always does. :)

My life is filled with things, good and bad, to share, to talk about, to get out of my head.  So this is me saying, that this blog may transition into something more than just a teacher blog.  There is this other part of my life where I am not Mrs. Bushey...I am just Sarah.  That part of my life is wonderful and worth sharing also.  So, why not?

<3 - Sarah, the blogger formerly known as Mrs. Bushey :)

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