Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear April 2012 & May 2012,

     @ April 2012 - You will forever be known as the month that delivered Cole into our world.  7 lbs. 11 oz.  Born on April 25th at 2:10 pm.  Thank you, April, thank you!!!  The Steller and Deluca families spent the entire month waiting for this boy to arrive and when he did, it was all so worth the wait.  We have spent the month of May getting to know the new addition to the family.  For some of us it is all a learning experience and for others, a window to the past, when their own little ones entered the world.  Amazing how a baby can create new memories and at the same time conjure up old ones.  Many a mother has held a new baby and told a story of their own childrens' baby days. 
     And speaking of mothers, May 2012, your Mother's Day will be a hard one to forget.  Shannon, being the new mommy. my mom, and mother-in-law all celebrating together with a BBQ at the Olde Nolan Farmhouse.  A day of shared food, an open back door, farm dogs visiting and almost peeing on Vera Bradley bags Ah!, baby snuggles, baby screams :), a tired new mommy getting a break, funny cards and lots o' love!  (Lincoln stayed in the yard the whole time....I was a proud mommy of my fur baby!)
     One month ago, tomorrow,  I met my nephew and Godson, Cole Twomey Deluca.

Things I now know about Cole:
-He's so darn cute!
-He's sleeping longer and longer each night...keep it up!
-He's the best back seat driver you ever did meet.
-He will always have a better tan than his Aunt Sarah.
-Deluca nose...nuff said!
-He's famous in a small town.
-He will most likely date a girl named Ellie....three Ellie's were born at the Bennington hospital the night Shannon went into labor!!!
-Dogs will never phase him.
-He impresses doctors with his strength.
-His mommy and daddy are better, stronger people because of him. <3
-He will forever be LOVED!!!

     Summer months are ahead and Cole will be seeing sooo much more of me!  I can't wait to get to know him better everyday. 

<3- Aunt Sarah

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Jessica said...

So very sweet!
May I add an addition to your "things you know about Cole" ...check those Steller feet!

Beautiful bundle of joyous love.