Monday, April 16, 2012

You had me at "woof"

The fence training continued at home today and, as if they knew we needed a little help, the farm dogs from next door came over to play IN the yard with Lincoln.  He does have a little bit of a crush on the female farm dog, who I call Jane Deere.  And then there is her cautious friend John Deere.  I call them this because they both wear John Deere collars, a pink one and a green one.  So cute!  John Deere really got into the game of fetch with us and he definitely made me fall for him.  He has uaually been so skittish that I really favored Jane, but today he put on the charm and showed some personality.

First of all, he is one of those dogs that bounces into the air to catch a ball.  Unlike Lincoln, who likes to let the ball come to a safe roll before attempting to pick it up.  But the best part is that John brings the ball to us, drops it, and then barks at us until we pick it up and throw it to him again.  Lincoln flinches everytime he barks.   Adorable!  Anyone reading this who has well-trained dogs, is thinking "yay, so what?", but I'm impressed he'll even drop the ball for us.  I'm no Cesar Millan, okay?

Jane Deere was in and out throughout the afternoon, but John Deere stayed with us to play for awhile.  And the best part is, so did Lincoln!  He hasn't left the yard today and I've left him out alone for small bits of time.  Woo hoo!  It's the little things, ya know?

Lincoln and John Deere

John Deere stole our ball!

It was an extra hot April day!

Playing with Jane Deere back in ongoing romance.
 Makes me wish I had more Spring break to spend with him outside, but it's back to school again tomorrow.  The kids were happy to be back and we had an ice cream party to celebrate being "Bucket Fillers".  We reached the first line of our class bucket and we'll have a Dance Party when we reach the next line!  One of my girls even told me she was crying because she missed me over break...gotta love 'em.

<3- Sarah

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