Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby = Blanket

My sister's baby is on his way and in our family that means blankets need to be made.  My mom will make one of her beautiful quilts and because I haven't ventured into that craft yet, I'll be knitting my new nephew a baby blanket.  One day I'll learn to quilt.  This will lead to the dawning of even more craft projects, without ever seeing their dusk.   Oh well, crafting seems to go that way...right?  I mean, I can't be the only one with projects laying about the house, waiting to take shape in the hands of the one who brought them to life.  Oh, I hope so.

First hooked rug...needs some finishing touches.
This past weekend, my sister, mom and I went to a yarn shop in Manchester, VT to find the baby hues that will be used in my blanket.  Here is the color combo that made Shannon's "heart jump." :)

It seems when knitting for a baby, you can't really go wrong.  The yarn is soft, the colors are cozy, the ideas are endless.  One of our favorites is Debbie Bliss.  Her baby knitting books have been flipped through at my mom's house whenever a baby is on the way.  My mom, an avid knitter, can create most projects in these books and will attempt any, teaching herself along the way.  I'm not quite there and have stuck mostly to scarves and blankets.  There was one baby hat, which was hard to give away as the gift it was intended to be. It made me so happy to look at! 

Made this one for a friend's baby in mint green.
 After I get the size 7 needles from my mom and a refresher in casting-on (yes, it's been that long since my last knitting project), this blanket will begin.  Stay tuned for updates and look below for the pattern to make this blanket.  The pattern was found on Pinterest.  It is from a blog called JCasa handmade.

use any yarn + needles you wish, although i would recommend you not go above worsted as we don't want little baby fingers or toes getting caught in the stitches.
[the one above was knit with 3 balls of cotton ease on US 7 needles.]
* CO 3 st and K 1st row.
* K1, Kf+b, K to end of row. repeat this until you have 6 st on your needles.
* RS = K1, Kf+b, K to end of row.
* WS = K1, Kf+b, P until 3 st remain, K3.
* repeat the RS + WS sequence - you are making an upside-down triangle working form the tip upwards, so once you have reached your desired width/height, that's when you start to decrease.
* RS = K until 5 st remain, K2tog, K3.
* WS = K3, P until 5 st remain, P2tog, K3.
* repeat the RS + WS sequence until 6 st remain.
* K1, K2tog, K3. (5 st)
* K1, K2tog, K2. (4 st)
* K1, K2tog, K1. (3 st)
* K3tog, cut yarn and pull through the loop.  sew in ends, wash + block and give to baby.

Will a baby be entering your world?  Whether you are a beginner knitter or a pro like my momma, grab your needles and knit with me. <3


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