Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kisses goodbye and all tucked in

Winter has arrived here in The Creek.  The plastic has gone up on the old farmhouse windows, making the view outside as hazy as the snowfalls that will follow. 

The past two nights our temp has dropped considerably and with no heat upstairs in our home, we pile on the blankets and I sleep in layers.  Socks being one of these layers, which the husband thinks is craziness, but I love. 

Unfortunately, Lincoln had a romp around the farmyard this past weekend when it was quite muddy before the cold crept in.  Larry, the farmer, has been spreading manure on the fields in our backyard and Lincoln just loves him some manure.  It was a messy mess.  Before we could give him a bath, our pup had been on every blanket in the house.  Jumping, napping, giving his hugs and all along spreading his stinky manure scent.  We've lived in this house on the farm for three and a half years now and I grew up with farms in every direction at my parents' house, so I've grown to welcome the sweet, springy smell - OUTSIDE the house.  Bedtime just wasn't so pleasant as Andrew and I climbed into bed, pulled the covers up, and got cozy with the cows.

Cow Kisses
my future brother-in-law

Lincoln got his tubby.  Comforters and quilts were tossed into the wash.  My house lost its farm fumes for now.

 This meant that we had to pile on extra quilts, homemade by my momma, while our big comforter spent the night in the dryer. 
Each morning before my man heads off to the mill, before the early morning light has made an appearance, he leaves me with a kiss goodbye and tucks me in from the cold.  This morning, with his wifey in mind, he warmed up the big comforter and brought it to me in bed.

mmmm....laundry warm from the dryer is one of

my favorite things.  Many a winter's day, before

folding, I can be found sitting on the laundry room

floor covered in a pile of toasty cloth. 

My husband may not always think of the sweetest words to say.  He may not make romantic gestures often. But he knows his wife.  She fancies warm laundry.  So this is what he gave me.  It's simple.  It's love.

Visit her, gentle Sleep! with wings of healing, And may this storm be but a mountain-birth, May all the stars hang bright above her dwelling, Silent as though they watched the sleeping Earth!
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Warm winter wishes.
<3- Sarah


Jessica said...

Oh no...glad you rid your home of cow sniffs.
I used to cuddle the kids in warm towels from the dryer...or put their footy pj's on after their baths...warm from the dryer.
You are so sweet.

Sarah said...

My mom would always bring warm blankets from the dryer to my sister and I after she washed them. Probably why I am so comforted by it...
Good to see you Saturday night! Lots of fun! :)