Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear January 2012,

     I meant to write this letter sooner, but February has just swept me away.  I've been busy (in a good way), having fun, and loving life.  February can be so sweet.  It probably drives you nuts.  You and your wicked sense of humor.  Grinning at those who see your arrival as a time to resolve, then laughing out loud when those resolutions fail.
     January, you were truly unpredictable this year.  When you arrived, I was kinda in a slump.  I was dragging myself along, wondering what, when, and why?  But as you left, as you always do, I found myself in a happier place.  Not sure of the cause, but glad just the same.  You also offered up some very unlikely weather.  You're usually cold and harsh, but stayed mostly above freezing.  How out of character you were!  Many were pleased with your warmer side, others longed for your absent winter weather.  But as you know, you can't please everyone.  And when has that ever bothered you?
     You arrive each year, the life of the party, but your departure often calls for just as much of a celebration.  You never mean to outlive your stay, but in your last week, there are always more than a few who are openly happy to see you go.  Sweet, little, February smiles upon us and I'm enjoying her loving ways. 
     Until next year, January.  So long.

<3- Sarah

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