Sunday, February 26, 2012

You were always on my mind...

You can usually tell what is most important to me by what comes out of my mouth.  I tend to get a little "obsessive" with things and that seems to be all I can talk about until I move on to something else.  I remember once, while out to dinner with my family, my aunt said, "You sound like you really like your job."  It made me realize that was literally ALL I had talked about at dinner.  I was in the middle of my first year of teaching and she was right, I loved it!  When it came time to plan my wedding, again, all I could talk about was that because it was constantly running through my mind.  The topic always seems to change based on what it most important to me or what is evoking the most feeling from me at that time in my life. 

But as I was thinking about this characteristic of mine the other day, I realized, there is one thing that I continue to talk about all the time.  It's been 12 years now, that I have gone on and on about this topic, because it is always on my mind.  That is Andrew. 

When you first fall in love with someone, everyone seems to point out to you that you never stop talking about that person...especially when you are in high school and your friends can't stand to hear that boy's name one more time.  As people get older, their focus becomes more on family, than friends, so talking about your spouse is expected.  Even those friends who have been with me through it all, welcome the Andrew stories today.  I like that I have 12 years worth of memories to recall.   They aren't all good and I've learned from many of them, but they are all mine.

No matter what the everchanging topic of conversation may be with me, I continue to say way too much about Andrew and I don't want that to ever change.


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