Sunday, February 5, 2012

Songs About Me #1

Trace Adkins sings a song called "Songs About Me" that expresses the fact that country music tells many stories that anyone can relate to, no matter what their situation may be.  Being the small-town, country girl I am, I can relate to most country songs and I want to start sharing some of the connections I make to this music.  Every now and again I'll be writing a Songs About Me post.  Here's #1...

                                                                  Lady Antebellum
                                                      Dancin' Away With My Heart

For me you'll always be eighteen,   

and beautiful,

and dancing away with my heart.

When I heard this song by Lady Antebellum, these lines spoke to me.  The song is about a couple who hasn't seen eachother since their teens, but it said something different to me.  I've seen the boy, who became the man, who became my husband, almost every day since my teens. But to me, he'll always be eighteen and beautiful and dancing away with my heart.

1999-2012 The dance goes on...

<3- Sarah



Jessica said...

<3 Love this post.


Sarah said...

Thanks for more Songs About Me posts to come. :)