Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear March 2012,

Can I be honest with you, March 2012?  You are honestly a busy body.  And you brought me along for the ride.  St. Patrick's Day celebration, selling Coasters for a Cause tickets, Shannon's baby shower, and PTA's Family Fun BINGO....how did I manage to fit all of these events and their necessary planning time into your 31 days?  Oh wait...I know....no housework, no cooking, no friends, barely any family time, neglected classroom duties, no facebook and absolutely NO blogging.  But plenty of ticket distribution, invitation stamping, cupcake topper making, centerpiece creating, prize collecting, table assembling, owl seeking, public speaking, and green, green, and then some more green.

Andrew, Ben & Melissa
Going Green in HF!
 P.S.  Thanks for your record-breaking temps, March 2012!

I have missed this blogging world this past month.  Now that Spring Break has begun, you should be seeing more of Apple Pie Spice. :)

<3- Sarah

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