Sunday, April 15, 2012

Missing the blue toothbrush

If you walked into my bathroom, you would only find one toothbrush.  It has been this way since I woke up on Friday morning.  One toothbrush where there are usually two.   I sit and wait for that other toothbrush to return to its place in the cup on the sink.  This is because when the toothbrush returns, so does the guy who uses it.

Andrew has been in Boston for the first three Red Sox games of the season.  Talk about a happy husband...but a not so happy wife misses him at home.  Later tonight I'll hear the car door slam and the back door open.  Lincoln will hop up and run into the kitchen and the sound of, "Hi honey!" will bring a smile to my face. 

Until then I'll keep in mind that I am a very proud mama today because Lincoln has started running back into the yard when he gets near the electric fence!  Yay!  This is exciting because yesterday, after seeing one of his toys taunting him just past those white flags, he ran right through the fence, shook off the quick shock, then kept right on running.  I was handed a very muddy leash by the farmer next door who said, "Dog a little high strung?"  Not such a proud moment.  But today, he''s making progress and getting lots of belly rubs for his efforts. Toys thrown past the fence, farm dogs wandering near the barn, me walking through the fence, and the puppy stays in the yard.  Can't wait to show Andrew tomorrow! 

<3- Sarah

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