Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Have you ever had those superstitious thoughts?  If I do this then maybe that will happen....

Where did thoughts like this come from?  Being superstitious shows that you must somewhat believe in some kind of power outside of yourself that has control over elements of your life.  Like someone or something is in control of what happens to you and if you do these "things" that we do or don't do then something will or will not happen in our life. 

This happend twice to me yesterday...

Lincoln had pushed his dog bed into a wooden, standing mirror in our bedroom a few nights ago and broke one of the legs, causing it to lean and not work so well for Sarah, plain and tall.  While lying this mirror down to check out the damages, I thought to myself, "Yikes, seven years of bad luck if I break this thing."  Now this type of superstition has been passed on since Victorian times in England, when mirrors were expensive to produce, so only the wealthy were able to afford them.  The servants of these wealthy households would be responsible for paying for the mirrors if broken while cleaning.  It could take about seven years for the low-paid servants to pay off the price of the broken mirror, hence the story, seven years of bad luck when you break a mirror.

Later on, I finished Cole's baby blanket, which did not turn out to be quite the shape I had expected.  We keep joking that it will be the blanket he carries around everywhere....weird looking thing.  Anyways, my sister's due date isn't until April 30th, but she is full term and has felt like she will go early through the whole pregnancy.  Not to mention, she is sooo ready to get this baby out.  Nursery is ready, bags are packed, daddy is talking more and more to the belly.
This is where the superstition hits me again, this one being a made up idea, which I find even stranger than those stories passes on for ages.  I thought to myself, "I should get this wrapped up so that it is ready to bring to the hospital when Shannon goes into labor.  OOOOhhh and maybe if I do.....then Cole will come because he will know that we're ready!"  It sounds real silly right now, but last night I was really believing this idea I had: "The more we get ready for Cole, the quicker he will come."

Cole, your blankie is wrapped and ready for you!!!

Now I've seen grown men determine entire sports events on these types of things...."Jen, you need to stay in that seat because that's where you've been the whole game!"  Or a football fan turning around with his back to the game during certain points because that had worked one time.  Or a gambler spinning in circles before placing a bet.  Rally caps, lucky socks, beards, bald heads, and it goes on and on.

Not quite sure why many believe in these types of superstitions, but we sure are a hopeful bunch. 

Grab your rabbit's foot, pick up a penny on heads, and go search for a four-leaf clover.  Good luck!

<3- Sarah

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