Friday, April 6, 2012

Songs About Me #3

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day....

No, that's not the song about me.  But it is a beautiful morning here in The Creek. Then again, Spring Break can make any morning look beautiful!

Here's the real song about me....a song that made me cry the other night and I'll explain why after you get to hear it...

He's Mine
Rodney Atkins

From the day I heard this song, which was right after we found out my sister was having a BOY, it has always made me think of Shannon and Nick and my nephew on the way, Cole. :)

Shannon felt like she was having a boy from the very beginning and Nick, of course, being the huntin', spittin', tree stand-sittin' man that he is, couldn't be more excited to have a son. 

On my way home the other day, a man called in to dedicate this song to his son, whose name just happened to be Cole.  I started crying and Andrew thought I was crazy, but this is the biggest thing that has happened in my sister's life, which means I have already cried more times than I can count on one hand over this baby boy who isn't even here yet.
Cole will be, heck already is, loved unconditionally.  His parents will always be proud to say,
"He's mine."

<3- Sarah

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Jessica said...

So sweet and heartfelt. You've gone and made me cry. You are all (and now Cole) blessed with a loving family.