Thursday, April 12, 2012

Men and Steak

Lincoln's underground, electric fence was installed yesterday, which meant that my house was full of men......and steak?  The grill made its first appearance of 2012!  I've found that whenever a group of guys come together, steak is a must.  Not just one or two steaks, there were four or five.  I do love steak and I know other women who do as well, but what is it with men and steak?

Anywho, I'll have the cow butchered in our kitchen if they are all going to come help out at the house.  That fence has been waiting to be installed since Christmas, so I was a happy girl yesterday.  I even got down on hands and knees, pushing the wire underground as my dad and Andrew dug ahead of me.  Then I went inside to watch the training DVD, because you know who will be training the dog to respond to the fence correctly.  Today was our first training session and, after Lincoln and I played tug-o-war with the leash for awhile, it ended up going well.

With grass-stained knees on my jeans, dirty, chipped fingernails, and a T-Bone to wake up to this morning, the fence is in and the training will continue.  Hopefully, Lincoln will be running around the yard in a few weeks. :)

Now I am off to my eye appointment so I can stop swapping between my OLD, scratched up glasses (Lincoln chewed up the nice pair) and my OLD pair of contacts.  I am seriously embarrassed to let the eye doctor see these glasses!!! 

<3- Sarah

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