Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Trash, No Trailor

This house always seems to have some kinda mess in it. But here are a few messes I'm willing to live with simply because of their proof of life.

-food messes prove there is a husband here who loves to cook but hates to clean up after himself
-laundry messes prove there is a wife here that shops too much and folds too little
-pet messes prove there is a dog and two kitties who eat, sleep, play,SHED, and are loved here and did I mention they shed
-craft messes prove there is a crafter here who has projects starting and ending, ongoing, and sitting in her head, yet to be created
-book messes prove their is a teacher on summer vacation here who finally has time to read
-magazine and catalog messes prove there is a woman here who likes to pretend she is a Cover Girl livin in her Better Homes and Gardens dream world
-and relationship messes prove there are two people madly in love here

That Cover Girl is at it again!

Some of these messes I've cleaned up daily for almost four years since we moved into The Olde Nolan Farmhouse.  Some pile up only occasionally.  All I know is that I'm praying these are the kinda messes that I'm tripping over for the rest of my days.

Sorry bout the cat hair on your jeans honey.

Don't mind the sad face from Lincoln.  He's trying to be a trooper after his Big Boy surgery today....if you know what I mean!?
Love him...
<3- Sarah

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