Thursday, July 12, 2012

So I've been thinking...

So I know I said I would be blogging a lot more often over summer vaca....and I know that I really haven't....BUT....there are many times throughout the day that I think to myself, "that's going in the blog."

So lucky for you, today I'm going to spew a bunch of thoughts into this post.  In a completely random, non-sensical kind of manner, of course.

First of all, EVERY weekday morning over the summer...for the past 3 summers that  I have lived with Andrew...I wake up, walk downstairs, and immediately get the same song stuck in my head EVERY weekday morning:  "Every light in the house is on, the backyard's bright as the crack of dawn, the front walk looks like runway lights..."  If you don't know this country song, it's sung by Trace Adkins and pretty old, like 90's old.  The reason I get this song stuck in my head is because when Andrew heads off to work, it's still dark and he needs to turn on lights, but does he turn those lights off when he leaves, oh no, so when I wake up...AFTER the sun has risen MMM summer! first routine each morning is to go around and turn off the bathroom light, hallway light, laundry room light, close the dryer door, turn off the dining room light, window night light, kitchen light, and porch light!  The good thing about this routine?  My husband and I have never had a schedule that allowed us to get ready together in the morning, but as I walk around undoing all he's done that morning, I get to think about him and picture how his morning went.

Next pinch of randomness....Lincoln stays in the yard!!!  Every day. All day.  He hasn't broken free since mid-June when a bunch of cows and calves broke through their fence and took a little trip into our yard and road.  But really who can blame him on that one? 

We are lovin' our summer time together!  But he sure is hot with all those beautiful golden locks lockin in the heat!!!

Only old photos for now, I left my camera cord at school when I left for the summer AGAIN!  And my team already met for summer curriculum planning, so I will be making a trip to school in the near future to grab that cord.  Blog posts just aren't the same without some recent pics!

And finally, the last bit of random...the past few months we have been house hunting, or should I say lendor hunting?  We are hoping to get pre-approved before buying our first home, but in this crazy economy, it is just not as easy as it seems it should be!  We've met with two lendors and gone to two Open Houses so it's really only the beginning.  And it will work out.  But I am a little impatient!  Oh well, I'll just keep watching a lot of House Hunters til I can officially become one.

Oh!  And tomorrow I'm going to start a new TGIF bloggin for it!

That's plenty for now.  Hope you are feelin' high on summertime!

<3- Sarah

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