Friday, July 13, 2012


Wanna wake yourself up on a Friday morning?  Schedule a waxing for 8 o' clock in the AM!  Kim at Nirvana Day Spa kept me smiling and flinching this morning. :)

As I posted yesterday, new Friday tradition at Apple Pie Spice!  5 Senses Friday!  So basically, all it is, is me sharing with you parts of my Friday through the five senses.  It's a primary teacher thing...go with it.

1. Sight
Driving through the Creek lately is a beautiful sight.  Before the mowers come through to mow the sides of the roads, you can catch a glimpse of nature's garden.  The flowers bloom along the side of the road as if someone took the time to plant them in an array of colors from tallest to shortest.  Purple to white to pretty!

2. Smell
I used my new Bath & Body Works soap this morning for the first time.  Peach Bellini smells delicious!

3. Taste
Haven't tasted it yet, but can't wait to taste the Daily's Peach Daiquiri I bought today.  I'm noticing a peach theme peach in the summertime!

4. Hearing
It's Friday the 13th and there are screams coming from Nirvana Day Spa.  NO, not a murder by Jason, just a bikini waxing!  J/K...I didn't really scream, just jumped a foot off the bed a few times.  What I really heard today as I picked up my cousin Peter at our town summer camp was "Hi Mrs. Bushey, Hi Mrs. Bushey, Hi Miss Steller, Hi Mrs. Bushey!" I'm kind of a big deal around here.  Local celebrity.  And to quote Miranda, "Everybody dies famous in a small town!"

5. Touch
Finally printed some of our wedding photos to put in the many frames hanging in our house that have shown faces of babies we've never met, couples we don't know, and flowers we didn't pick for over a year now.  It felt good to get my hands on those prints and see them come to life in our wedding gift frames.  I do hate those bendy things (yes, the technical term) in the back of frames that hold the pics down though.  I jammed them under my nail too many times trying to pry them up!

There are two reasons why this tradition is happening on Fridays.  The alliteration of Five Senses Friday just sounds better than Five Senses Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday AND most Mondays I find my five senses sensing a whole lot less than they should be.  So Friday it is!

TGIF...What have your five senses picked up on today?

<3- Sarah

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