Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Senses Friday

Long ride to Howe Caverns...


1. Sight
My 6-year-old cousin, Peter, and I have spent a week together.  What his mom and I would like to call, "Adventures in Petersitting!"  Today's adventure was a trip to the Bennington Monument.  We rode an elevator *almost* to the top (Peter will quickly correct me if I say we went to the top!) and we had a panoramic view of the brilliant green mountains.  We saw the hospital where his mom was working and I spotted Andrew's mill from up there.  Peter was adorable when telling the elevator operator that we had gone 165 ft below ground a few days before at Howe Caverns. :)

2. Smell
Pulled a pair of jeans out of the trunk in my bedroom and got a fresh wiff of fabric softener.  Love that!

3. Taste
The best thing about these past few rainy days is that HOT coffee has made a return in the Bushey house.  I've missed it!

4. Hearing
Andrew said, "Good bye" and headed to Newport, VT for the weekend for softball states.  Triple sad face!!!

5. Touch
Because I am currently only a mommy to fur babies, I just love getting to push a baby in a stroller.  It is just fun...for now. :)  A shopping trip with Shannon and Cole gave me the opportunity to stroll him around Walmart today.

Lovin' the ride to Howe Caverns....

What have your five senses picked up on today?

<3 - Sarah

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