Thursday, July 26, 2012


July 30th will = one year since my first post on this blog!!!  And to celebrate, I've given Apple Pie Spice a little makeover!  Don't you just love a good makeover?  I am constantly changing and rearranging everything from my hair, wardrobe, perfume, furniture, even my handwriting!  I have never gone back into my classroom in September and set it up the same way as it was the year before.  I suppose when you are only 27 and have been with the same guy for 14 years, you'll change whatever you can!  <3 Love him =)  And I hope you are lovin' the new look for this little ol' blog.  It was a pre-made design from  Check them out for blogs and other websites.  The circles at the top kinda, sorta remind me of sliced pies and the colors are happy.   

One year ago, I spent the summer guh-lued to every teacher blog I could find and thought, "I want one of those!"  But with little time during the school year to snap pics and post about all that was happening in my first grade world, my everyday life started creeping into Apple Pie Spice.  It all started strictly as a teacher blog but moved quickly into an "anything goes" blog and then into a "this girl doesn't have time to post a thing" blog and then finally into an "oh wait, it's summer and she's back!" blog.  There are times when I am so pumped about posting and get into it and then there are times when I can't imagine even opening the laptop up to get started on a post. 

If you've been here since the beginning or found this blog along the way I want to say THANKS (Thanks fb friends!!!) for taking what little time you have in your busy day to read whatever it is I'm talking about at the time!  I hope you've smiled, maybe laughed, and possibly even cried (tears of joy of course!), but mostly I hope you've enjoyed.  When I read some of my favorite blogs it just seems to transport me into the writer's world for 5-10 minutes.  Sometimes it even motivates me to get up, get going, clean my house, bake something yummy, try an activity at school, or just remember how much someone means to me.  Blogs do that for me....and I hope this one has done that for you!

<3 - Sarah

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